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Minimalist Web Design Ideas

Minimalism has been a popular website design style for years.

It has so many benefits; minimalist sites load faster, take fewer server resources, and are often faster to develop than more graphically complicated designs. Plus, they give a professional, clean impression to visitors. Many people still view minimalist designs as boring. But there’s a real art to effective minimal website designs, something not all designers can effectively master.

Cost Of Web Design

The cost of web design work varies wildly.

It's a logical thing to ask, really. Those of us who aren’t rich or famous have a finite amount of money, and we always want to feel like that money is being used in the smartest way possible. We are especially cautious when it comes to paying for something intangible like a website – you can’t hold it in your hand, so how much can it really be worth?

Ecommerce Website Pricing

With so many options to consider when budgeting for development of an eCommerce website, it can be a bit confusing.

Some eCommerce websites, like most things, are easier to build than others and there are many eCommerce website design companies to choose from. Some perform like Kia's and some give results like Ferraris. One option or the other may be better suited for your business. Ecommerce sites can range from $5,000 - $500,000 +, so it's important to know the factors that go into pricing.

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